Great Dane Dog

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great Dane was dubbed the world's largest dog breed because it can reach 160 cm in height when measured from ground level to the tips of the ears. His appearance is very elegant, and dignified supported by a very large size.

These dogs have excellent properties, calm, not aggressive, rarely barking, and easy to train. Suited to be combined with any breed, including the world's smallest dog, Chihuahua.

Although large in size, the Great Dane does not require a large maintenance because these dogs do not need exercise. Over exercise can actually cause damage to the legs.

Great Dane growth period could reach the age of 18 months, it is not advisable to accelerate growth by providing excessive nutrients because it can damage the growth of his legs. Should be sleek Great Dane during growth so that the feet grow strong enough and not made obesity after infancy is completed.

Male dog should look more manly than female dogs with a larger body size and bone are rough. The ratio of height and length of the body must be balanced. For females, body length ratio is greater than the height allowed as long as it remains proportional. High body of a male dog should not be less than 80 inches measured from ground level to the highest shoulder. While the female dog, at least 75 centimeters in height. The higher the better but it must be balanced with the length of the body.

The size of the long head, the ratio of skull to muzzle is 1:1. Jaw length and width of the rectangular-shaped, with lips a little sagging. Stopan between skull with jaws clearly visible but not in like a Rottweiler.

Eyes of medium size, its location is rather deep and dark. For the colored harlequin Great Dane, bright eye color or eye color vary but are generally not allowed preferred.

The position of the ears are set high by the size and thick ears. If dikupir, long ears must be proportionate and should not be short.

The size of the nose is quite large with a dark color. At Great Dane blue, dark blue color of the nose is allowed while the harlequin colors, colors black and pink noses are still allowed. The color pink nose entirely, not preferred.

Dental cutting (scissors bite). Upper tooth longer than lower tooth (over shoot) or lower teeth longer than the upper teeth (under shoot) is a fatal error.

The neck is long enough and have strong muscles. Between the neck with a slightly sloping back line so it does not look with corners.

Chest swollen but not too deep. The bottom line of the chest is almost parallel to the angled front legs. Elongated jaw down so it does not look round when viewed from above. Position the back (croup) near the tail somewhat decreased.

Forelegs straight with your feet facing forward. Leg bones look rough with powerful muscles.

The hind legs have strong thigh muscles with a clear elbow.

The size of the tail is, the base of the tail and melancip wide enough at its end. The tail is lifted back over the line, the Great Dane tends to lose its tail while being flicked.

Short fur and feathers to grow with your body as tight as a horse.

Black, blue / blue, Fawn, Brindle (striped), harlequin (white base color with black spots), mantle (black and white chest, black muzzle and white, black and white legs).

Tend friendly to anyone including the other animals, not a coward and not aggressive.


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